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» DEKBOX ,The Decentralized Defi Aggregated Revenue Platform»

Апр 23, 2021


» DEKBOX ,The Decentralized Defi Aggregated Revenue Platform»

Moderator : Hello, community members from telegram , I’m this AMA host, welcome to DekBox Telegram group , today we are here  to introduce the decentralized DeFi aggregated revenue platform — DekBox , we will start from the fundamentals of DekBox and bring you recent progress in this AMA

 And here we Today we are privileged to invite Alexandra Akimova, COO of our Dek team, to bring us a detailed introduction of DekBox, let us welcome Alexandra.


Guest : Hello everyone, I’m COO Alexandra of the Dek team, pleasure to meet you in the group

Moderator : Hello, can you introduce yourself and the DekBox team to us first?


Guest : Okay, hello everyone. I am the COO of the DekBox team, Alexandra Akimova,responsible for the overall operation of DEK. DekBox has made a lot of progress this year, including marketing and technical updates. We are also honored to participate in the OkexChain test. , More than 100,000 people around the world have participated in it, which really inspored us. At the same time, we have also started a IDO on DODO. Many capitals around the world have also joined in. 

2021 is a crucial year for the development of DeFi. And also the year for DekBox. We look forward to making some achievements this year, and we also hope that everyone can join in and participate in our global ecological construction.


Moderator : Thank you Alexandra. You just mentioned that this year is a crucial year for DekBox. Can you tell us about the current development of DekBox?


Guest : Okay, first, the recent market trends in the cryptocurrency market have always been up and down. DeFi is the engine of the beginning of this bull market. With the addition of financial institutions , the crypto financial ecosystem continues to grow and develop, especially the DeFi financial ecosystem. Established to provide a more valuable underlying support for the crypto market. Therefore, the boom of the market in 2020 has laid the foundation for DeFi. This year is a year of vigorous development of DeFi. It is also a successful attempt of blockchain in the financial field. It is an excellent investment direction for insiders and outsiders.


And many people in blockchain believe that DeFi will become the core force in the second round of the bull market. Applications in various fields such as lending, stablecoins, Swap, NFT, DEX, browsers, wallets, and derivatives have gradually improved. The new situation of decentralized finance will grows stronge.


As the infrastructure of the underlying network of the blockchain, the public chain plays a vital role in this DeFi revolution, and the competition on the public chain track has once again entered a fierce stage. High performance of Ethernet 2.0 will take tim to build its tech framework, but the resulting rise DeFi market effects the prize of ETH,gas fee is too high to develop our project.


At this time, DekBox came into being. DekBox (decentralized DeFi aggregate revenue platform) is the first aggregate revenue DeFi ecological platform based on the OKExChain ecological chain created by developers in the global DeFi community. It solves user pain points through smart contracts and breaks the head. The cross-chain mainstream tokens generated by the Ministry of Exchange provide liquidity with leading technology advantages and cross-chain lending and wealth management services for a wider range of assets in the DeFi ecosystem.


At the same time, DekBox will actively promote the development of cross-chain systems, cross chain with BSC, OKExChain and other head DeFi ecological platforms through smart contracts and cross-chain protocols, and realize completely decentralized access-free cross-chain lending transactions and NFT functions. DekBox takes the promotion of financial decentralization as its mission, and insists on achieving inclusive finance, empowering the DeFi/NFT value-added system, and realizing the co-construction of the ecosystem.

Moderator : Well, it seems there will be some big moves DekBox really, I notice that AOFEX Exchange also made an list announcement for DekBox.

Guest : Yes, AOFEX has also strategically invested in our DekBox . AOFEX exchange will launch DEK for the first time in the world after BSC chain mining is launched. We can look fooward to it,but this is just the begin,we will list more exchange as we need,such as Binance or Okex.

Moderator : What’s DekBox recently  actions , what’s your team plan?

Guest : First of all, we are about to launch the Binance Smart Chain to start mining . Secondly, we have completed the cross-chain work of the OKEXChain ecological chain. We will deploy DEK on the BSC chain for consensus and market, and we will also cooperate with the well-known people on the Binance Smart Chain. brand to achieve cooperation , we follow and then migrate more products to OKEXChain the chain, so that we enjoy a fast, high-quality low-cost DeFi service. Of course, we are still testing OKEXChain , but we are basically ready to go online. Now we are just waiting for the OKEXChain mainnet to go online.

In terms of capital investment , we have now received capital help from all over the world. Pioneer Capital , Biniu Capital, WAAS Alliance, Lishan Capital, etc. have announced their strategic investment in our DekBox. With the strategic investment of these capitals, it will help DekBox to carry out all-round upgrades from the dimensions of application ecology, community operation, and technical cooperation, empower the DeFi value-added system, expand the bridges and hubs of the DeFi ecology, and promote DekBox to become BSC and OkExChain star projects of liquidity mining, SWAP, cross-chain lending, NFT auction, and cross-chain bridge among the two ecological chain tracks.

On the DODO platform, we held a crowdpooling IDO activity and completed the fundraising over 2000%. Thank you again for your support. The IDO activity of DODO is just a small test, but we do feel the enthusiasm from the community. In addition to Telegram, In China, Europe, and in different communities, we have all made good progress. This is what we want from IDO.

At present, we have announced AOFEX and DODO platforms for cooperative transactions. In addition, we are also actively connecting with big exchanges. We will announce good news one by one later. After the BSC chain goes online for mining, we will also join the BSC ecology to start strategic cooperation to with other BSC project.

DekBox is now cooperating with the world’s largest FIL foundation to prepare to launch FIL’s synthetic asset mortgage business. It is expected to make an announcement in the near future.

In short, DekBox will become a fertile ground. With the addition of more high-quality ecological builders, the agglomeration effect of 1 plus 1 greater than 2 will become increasingly prominent, and it will gradually grow into a star project with multi-dimensional value and build its own value barrier.

Moderator : Okay , thank you very much for your wonderful sharing today .

Today’s live broadcast ends here, see you next time!